Your business in a connected world


Running a global business is complex. Epicor iScala and Quadron can make it simple for you whether you’re the CEO, CFO, CIO, or an end user. Whatever your role, working with iScala brings significant benefits.


iScala’s Collaborative ERP (enterprise resource planning) software enables the subsidiaries,divisions and suppliers of global companies to work seamlessly together across the Internet. From the headquarters to the most remote subsidiary, our software solutions reduce the management time and complexities of dealing with many countries around the world.At the same time, iScala provides local-country users with the ERP tools they need for their individual markets, in the languages they need, at an affordable price.Together with our worldwide partner and dealer network, we provide Collaborative ERP solutions for global enterprises in over 140 countries around the world. We sell, deliver, implement and support our software solutions wherever you do business. Making global business simple.

Building Strong Enterprise Foundations

Enterprise-wide ERP Standardization

Consistency is vital for any company operating globally. Whether you choose one ERP solution to standardize your global operations or a two-tiered solution, where the central system speaks the same language as those in smaller subsidiaries, the importance of consistency in your business intelligence remains the same.

There are key questions you should be asking yourself:

Are your customers going global? Do they demand consistency and coordination in a vendor relationship, requiring you
to have a cohesive and connected global information systems strategy?
What economies of scale could you get from an ERP system you buy, implement and support centrally, but are able to
deploy locally?
What total cost of ownership savings could you achieve from a system that is designed for the entire company?
Is company-specific functionality being pushed onto your current system that was never designed to be customized in
the first place?
Does the high cost of today’s available business management solutions mean that you have to force a centralized
strategy on your subsidiaries?
How do you manage your business in a standard way, and still allow for local business practices?

Connectivity and Integration

iScala’s Collaborative ERP software connects global ERP systems into a single distributed ERP system that can be managed and administered centrally. It connects and integrates the systems to provide regional or global consolidation of accounts, giving you an instant view of your entire organization.
iScala software applications also interact with each other, reducing manual ordering and invoicing inside the enterprise. Just as important, they can connect to other applications so your reporting can be performed through your headquarters’ ERP solution. iScala applications can also connect with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution or other purpose-built software to share information around the business, giving you a better view and therefore better management of your company.

The result: better information, better decisions, better business. When you choose the foundations for your business systems, build on the best foundations you can. iScala Collaborative ERP software.

iScala Collaborative ERP-software.