iScala 3.5

After a hugh number of improvements, new functionalites and creating a modern user interfaceEpicor has now released the latest iScala upgrade: iScala 3.5

New user interface

After the release of iScala 3.1, Epicor has succeeded in adapting iScala to meet all the requirements currently demanded of ERP software.

With all recent upgrades, also mobile apps are available, as well as standard functionality to support the new European privacy law (GDPR).

The newest version iScala 3.5 focusses on new analytic capabilities, like SSRS and EDA.

iScala now has a complete new user interface, which enables the user to use the software in a much simpler way. Also entry screens and standard reports have been adjusted to meet the current requirements. Press here for all details and demo’s.

Epicor ICE for iScala

iScala is now fully integrated with the Epicor ICE platform This means that many standard Epicor products are available for iScala as off today. Examples are:

availability of updatable dashboards
highly advanced search functions to be able to find all
relevant iScala business data very rapidly
new flexible and dynamic reporting tools (BAQ’s)

More information

To get more information about iScala 3.5, previous iScala versions and other Epicor solutions press here.